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The pressure to rationalise and cut costs is forcing industrial and commercial firms to outsource logistics services more and more. While standard activities such as transportation, handling, and warehousing have dominated in recent years, today companies are looking further afield by outsourcing more complex functions.
All-Star Logistics Ltd. is the contract logistics partner of choice for logistics outsourcing and the management of your supply chains. With a proven track record and an impressive customer portfolio, All-Star Logistics Ltd. will work to defined service levels to improve your entire supply chain.

At All-Star Logistics , we customise our operations to suit your requirements and in doing so, are a seamless extension to your operations.

A professional and progressive company All-Star Logistics Ltd. located in Limerick, Ireland has the added partner resources of All-Star Deliveries Ltd., we bring you the whole package. Our integrated services include all aspects of logistics from planning, control and execution; we design solutions that turn your logistics operations from a challenge into a substantial competitive advantage.

In All-Star Logistics Ltd. our approach is based on becoming an extension of your business. We make sure we fully understand your industry so that we can anticipate your requirements, and respond rapidly and effectively to changing market conditions. We listen carefully to your logistics challenges and conduct a thorough analysis of your business needs. Then we design and build an optimal solution customised to your cost and service requirements.

Our Contract Logistics offer you:

  • 15,000 pallet spaces
  • Sorting services
  • Pick & Pack services
  • Daily/Hourly Just in Time deliveries
  • Cleaning Returnable Packaging
  • Sub Assembly Services
  • Quality Control Services

All-Star Logistics Solutions

01. Supply Chain Management

All-Star Logistics Ltd. offers a complete integrated solution – supply chain management, leading-edge technology and the most comprehensive distribution network available.

All designed to increase your productivity and efficiency.

With an outsourced supply chain, we free you to focus on your core business activities and reduce or eliminate your capital investment in non-core areas such as equipment and facilities.

Dedicated support personnel and regular service reviews ensure that our services continue to provide the best solution for your business needs. All-Star Logistics Ltd. adapt as you grow!

02. Complete Service Offerings

All-Star Logistics Ltd. has a number of diverse solutions currently in place, your requirements may include one or a host of the following components:

  • Order Fulfilment, including pick and pack
  • Distribution of orders throughout Ireland and rest of world
  • Product warehousing in secure, best practice facilities
  • Inventory control, including stocktaking and reordering
  • Specialised services, including product quality assurance, assembly and installation, repair and invoicing
  • Washing of our returnable packaging
  • Logistics consulting and facilities management

In addition to the listed services we at All- Star Logistics Ltd. can customise a Contract Logistics package for your business, also consider that with the extensive and complementary services of our partner business All-Star Deliveries Ltd, together we can bring you a complete solution to suit your needs.

03. Inbound Logistics

At All-Star Logistics Ltd. we understand the importance of a reliable and controlled flow of materials into your production process.

Our Inbound Logistics solutions help make your manufacturing and assembly lines run more smoothly and at lower cost:

  • Coordinate inbound transportation to seamlessly schedule the arrival of material
  • Get the right materials to your production line at the right time and maximise productivity
  • Quality control through inspections, removing and replacing sub-standard items and eliminating disruption
  • Wash and fully dry your totes using our 3 stage state of art pallet and crate washing facility

04. Manufacturing Logistics

All-Star Logistics Ltd. takes the strain of complex logistics so you can maximise your manufacturing effectiveness

Our manufacturing logistics solutions enable you to concentrate on your core activities.

We have the skills and experience to manage complex supply chains and handle multiple suppliers while squeezing costs and raising standards.

Our range of services includes:

  • Inventory planning, All-Star Logistics Ltd. use the latest systems to maintain stock at the optimum level and keep costs low
  • Sub-assembly of components or finished goods so you can streamline your production
  • Packing including customisation and a repackaging service for export

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